One of our goals...

is that you will get great value out of the services we provide. We offer a Free 1-Page Team Goals Worksheet that you can get here  

This streamlined worksheet is great for your team to collectively decide on the team goals for the next month, quarter, or year, or for each team member to determine their individual goals for the good of the organization.


For some the 1-page worksheet matches their personality style perfectly and they excel, but for others, it isn't quite thorough enough and they feel like they are missing something.

If this is what you are encountering and you want your team to finish out the year prepared to hit your organizations targets in the year ahead, but you need:

  • a little more instruction 
  • maybe some clarification 
  • assistance focusing 
  • and possibly a bit of encouragement 
  • to go deeper than the 1-page worksheet 

Then our Team Member's Goals Course with 40-page workbook and short, concise videos is excellent for filling those gaps and setting you and your team up for goal success!

This course works very well for smaller teams that are wanting to focus more on how each team members goals impact the organizations goals, or the team leader, who will then take what they have learned during the course and walk through the workbook with their team.

*This course will also work for the aspiring goal achieving individual needing a simplified, time saving method to get them on track to surpassing their goals.

>>If you have a small team that sets the goals of the organization as a whole and works collectively towards those goals, then the Team Goals Intensive may be the best place to start. Set the goals of the organization and then work through the Workbook for each individual using those organizational goals as the reference point. Click the button for more information. 

Team Goals Intensive

Video Course

The Team Member's Goals Course equips you with a uniquely  strategic process that helps your team unify and gain the collective momentum that propels them to achieve the organizations goals. 


The Team Member's Goals Workbook starts with simple brain-based steps, tips, and techniques to get focused and create a realistic plan that will significantly increase the probability that you will hit your goals.

Best Offer of the YEAR!

Due to the difficult year many have had, and to honor the Holiday Season, for a limited time, we are offering our

Team Member's Goals Course 

  • with 40-page workbook
  • covers each step in-depth
  • space to write answers
  • short, concise videos
  • special brain-based step for greater success 
  • includes extra streamlined-process worksheets for printing/copying
  • AND a copy of the entire workbook in digital fill-in-the blank format for...


Team Member's Goals Course



Team Member's Goals


with print and digital workbook, videos,
and streamlined process worksheets
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Frequently asked questions


Q: Why this Goals course?

It is only the top 8% that actually reach their goals, and it takes a system like this to get within that 8%. It was through a lot of research, experimenting, and psychological data that we determined what were the most important pieces of the goals process and how to efficiently create a system that would get you the results you desire. By utilizing all the steps and our special brain based approach, you can actually get to within the top 1%.

Q: 40 page workbook, are you kidding me, how could I possibly get through all that quickly?!

A: You can totally do this! The process moves along very quickly and, excluding a couple of steps, can be completed in 1-2 hours. We do encourage you to not rush the process, allow yourself the breaks it suggests, and follow every step or you will risk staying in the spiral of unsuccessfulness. 

Q: What all is in the workbook?

It includes the goal discovery process, as well as the goal execution process. If you're struggling with getting clear on exactly what your goal should be, start with the Goal Primer. If you are clear on your goal, skip to the Goal Process and work on the successful execution elements. It also includes examples and the streamlined process worksheets.

Q: What are these extra worksheets?

The worksheets at the back are the entire process in an easy to print/copy format, without the in-depth instructions. Once you have gone through the process, you can simply use these worksheets each time you want to strive for another goal. 

YES! Give me the $17 Special


If you are ready to take your entire team through the department or organizational goal setting process, the Team Goals Intensive is the best option.


Your organization depends on performance, productivity, and profits, and that is entirely bound to the strength and systems of your team and the targets you reach.


The What

The Team Goals Intensive is a process hyper-focused on clarity and action to reach goals as a group.

If your team is struggling with:

>> being invested

>> working together

>> being "realistic"

>> taking action in one direction

>> being creative and resourceful

>> individual responsibilities

>> being supportive

>> being unified

This intensive will move your team beyond these issues, turn them into strengths, and propel them into positive action for surpassing goal results.


The How

The intensive breaks down our Team Goals Workbook in a team specific process, addressing all the issues above and concentrating on:

✅ getting and keeping your team in alignment

✅ guiding your team through the the most effective actions for results

✅ providing brain-based tips and techniques that make target achievement more possible


The When

Currently, we are providing these intensives virtually, they generally are completed in 3-4 hours, and work best with teams with 20 or less members.

We have a few spots left for 2020, and things are quickly filling up for early 2021. 

If your team is ready for greater success, click the link below to get more information on scheduling a Team Goals Intensive for your team.

Request Information on the Team Goals Intensive