Leadership Lessons through Stories!

If you need a speaker, Paul will make your life easy... He will arrive early and leave late. Paul's focus is not only on speaking, but getting to know you and your team, so he can make his speech as relevant as possible for you and your overall success. Paul doesn't use "canned," "off-the-shelf" speeches--his speeches are from the heart, and will allow you and your team to come away inspired, motivated, and ready to take action.

For the past 25+ years, Paul has been speaking at a variety of events from a leadership standpoint by telling stories that "hit close to home" with his audiences.  No matter what your event is, if you need a speaker to inspire and teach your leaders, Paul is your speaker!  Paul's primary focus is to entertain and teach through stories that allows the audience to see the value of Running to Your Challenges, because that's exactly where the opportunities for Greatness exist... that's where the Great Leaders Stand Out from their peers!


Book Paul for your speaking engagement today, and start "Running to your Challenges" with confidence!

Keynote Topics:


Leading the Way to Great Customer Experience 

All For One!

Run To Your Challenges!

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