The Six Core Essentials of Leadership

May 13, 2019

The First Core Essential of Leadership: Know Yourself


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So, I’m excited about this blog series, as I will be covering what I consider to be “The Six Core Essentials of Leadership.”


I love offering these Core Essentials as a foundation of leadership, and this blog series is great for all leaders, whether you are an aspiring leader, a brand new leader, or a seasoned leader of many years.

Today, we’ll start with the First Core Essential of Leadership and each of the next 5 blogs will offer another ‘Core Essential.’


So Let me ask you, have you ever been tasked with something that you weren’t quite sure how to do or you didn’t know if you could do the task? Have you ever wondered why you act the way you do under certain situations and environments, such as under stress, or when faced with a challenge, or when receiving criticism,  or when giving criticism? Have you ever simply wondered what your true gifts and talents were and how you can utilize them to the fullest capacity?


Well, the first Core Essential of Leadership (in my opinion) is Knowing Yourself.

You see many leaders are thrown into a leadership role or have been leading for many years, and never establish the foundation of Knowing Themselves.

Over 70% of all leaders never receive any kind of leadership training; they are simply expected to “know how to lead” and quite frankly, I have a BIG problem with this and I want to help!

As John Maxwell says… “Everything rises and falls on leadership.”

I totally agree with that statement, and yet 70% of leaders receive no training! Can you see the correlation of why so many organizations have issues? It amazes me how neglectful many organizations are when it comes to training their leaders to lead!


I believe Knowing Yourself is where every kind of leadership MUST begin because if you don’t know yourself you will never reach your full potential in a leadership role and you will never be able to develop your people to their fullest capability.


Now I know that’s a bold statement, but when I say “knowing yourself” I mean knowing your capabilities, your passions, your personal vision, your true talents and gifts, your potential, the reasons you do the things you do, and react the way you react, your communication style, your leadership style, your strengths and weaknesses, your fears, and your biggest dreams and aspirations… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!


You see, knowing yourself requires much more than just looking in a mirror; it requires much more than writing a few statements on a paper or thinking you know certain things about yourself. Many leaders only know themselves on a surface level… and quite frankly, if you only know yourself on a surface level, you’ll never get to know your people on a deeper level.


Knowing yourself uncovers the real you; your best (and worst) attributes, your areas of opportunities, and your blind spots (or the things you do that you don’t realize you do that may really bug the people around you).


So, the Six Core Essentials of Leadership begins with Knowing Yourself on a deep level!


There are numerous ways to get to ‘Know Yourself’ and some of the easiest ways include taking online assessments, joining a mastermind group, talking to close friends and family members, working with a life or leadership coach, committing to daily prayer and meditation, and journaling your thoughts and habits on a daily basis.


I get the honor to work with teams to help them navigate conflict in order to increase communication, productivity, and morale, and the first place I always start is by having everyone take a “The Maxwell Method” DISC assessment, followed by a team DISC deep-dive session. This combination of an individual assessment coupled with a team session is extremely revealing and begins the process of eliminating negative conflict because everyone gets to know themselves on a much deeper level, and then they can begin to understand others in a whole new way.


Today’s challenge for you is simple… take a step to get to know yourself on a deeper level. Start with something I discussed above or if you need additional information or want to discuss working with me, email me at


Hey, today is what you make of it, so why live with conflict?... Make it a Great Day!

As always, thank you for Leading… it’s truly the greatest privilege in the world.

Run To Your Challenges!

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