5 Steps to Win the Comparison Battle of Customer Experience

June 20, 2016

“The battle you are going through is not fueled by the words or actions of others; it is fueled by the mind that gives it importance.”  - Shannon L. Alder


Like it or not, we are subject to comparison by our customers on any given day. Everything about our business, good or bad, goes into our customer’s “memory bank” and contributes to their overall customer experience with our business.


Some leaders fear the comparison battle, especially when they think their business is on the losing end of the battle. Unfortunately, the days of comparing “apples to apples” in the retail business are long-gone; today, businesses are compared against all other businesses in regards to the overall quality of Customer Experience.


How does your business rack & stack when comparing it other business’s Customer Experience? If you’re losing the comparison battle with a direct competitor, you are losing customers, and you’re at risk of tremendous revenue loss. However, there’s ways that will help you win the comparison battle.


Here’s 5 Steps to follow:


1. Focus on your customers and don’t get too caught up in the comparison game! If you spend too much of your day worrying about the comparison battle, you will surely lose ground on your competitors. With customers, everything counts… focus on them!


2. Get personal with your customers with face-to-face quality communication. Quality communication involves focusing on them whenever they speak to you. Eliminate any distractions that may take your focus off of your customer. 


3. Strive to build real relationships by getting to know them. Specifically, get to know their wants & needs, then ensure you can provide it. If, you ever find yourself in a position where you can’t provide them what they need, do whatever you can to ensure their needs are filled… this may involve referring them to a specialized business.


4. Be genuine with your customers. You know when you talk to a “phony”? Well, don’t be that person; don’t pretend to like something your customer is interested in to try to impress… people don’t like “phonies”! Instead be honest and open with your customers and show genuine interest.


5. Always show appreciation towards your customers. With all the choices available when it comes to where to do business, your customers need to know that you appreciate their business. Always be courteous and polite when speaking, even to the customers who may not deserve it. Kindness overcomes rudeness every time; especially to the people who are watching the conversation.


As vital as all these steps are, one important thing to understand is Great Customer Experience starts with Leadership. Leaders set the tone by emphasizing the importance of, and displaying all five of these steps… that’s Leadership by (the right) Example!


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