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If you think or feel like you and your team members have the potential for so much more...



Success is inevitable, but you ... you feel like you, and maybe a few or even all of your team members, are spinning your wheels or even going backwards in the journey to success.

You (they) don't feel ready to start working towards your (their) goals

You (they) don't really know what you (they) want

You (they) are unclear of how to establish accurate goals that get to the vision

You're (they're) really good at putting things off because you (they) don't know what to do

You (they) don't know what it takes to reach goals

You (they) think you've got all the time in the world and don't have to start now

You (they) can't stay on target

You (they) don't focus on what will move the needle

You (they) don't know how to keep going when you (they) stumble

You (they) give up because you aren't seeing immediate results

You (they) get so close to your (their) goal and give up or sabotage yourself (themself)


Frustration sets in...

There just isn't enough time for chasing dreams...

Skills that are needed are absent...

Everything is biased against it being successful, anyway...

So why even bother trying.

STOP the cycle of lack, limitations, confusion, and distractions.


Dopamine is a chemical messenger inside your brain that is released when you expect a reward.

When you get in a cycle of doing things that release that chemical, you begin to see and experience greater success in more areas of your life.

Achieving goals or targets is an incredible way to boost the dopamine chemical in your brain...

WHEN you follow the a specific process that raises you into the top 8% of goal achievers.

You just need....

Well, what we have discovered is that everyone "needs" something slightly different when they are struggling with the challenges listed above, but generally it comes down to the right steps, clarity, focus, geeky brain stuff, and confidence.

We took the challenge and created a goals video course that specifically pulls all those things together to remove all the fluff and get rid of distractions to give you just what is needed to go after success and achieve those awesome goals you're dreaming up and your organization desires.


Goals Video Course

The goals video course "Team Member's (Individual) Goals Course" equips you with a uniquely strategic process that helps you and each member of your team achieve individual goals that unify the team, elevate team strength, and gain the collective momentum that propels the organization to greater success.  Simple brain-based steps, tips, and techniques help each person get focused and create a realistic plan that will significantly increase the probability that goals are hit or surpassed.

The Goals Video Course works very well for:

  • The Individual

aspiring, goal achieving, and needing a simplified, time saving method to get them on track to surpassing their goals. 

  • The Team Leader

who will then take what they have learned during the course and walk through the workbook with their team.

  • The Team

wanting to focus more on how each team member's goals impact the organizations goals

Get the Goals Course

We believe the current YOU wasn't given the tools and resources to actually excel, so we created this Goals Course just for you, without all the fluff and distractions.

This course is for the individual who:

  • knows what is expected of them
  • knows the team's/organization's goal(s) for this quarter/year

Prepare to hit your targets in 2023!

 The Team Member's (Individuals) Goals Course with short, concise videos and 40-page workbook, is excellent for filling those gaps and setting you and your team up for goal success!


The Goals Course provides: 

Specific Instruction for Creating Goals
Broken down in simplified steps

Psychological Techniques and Tips for Achieving Goals
Most coaches and trainers get this part wrong
Clarification on How, What, and When to Measure Goals
Measure the wrong thing at the wrong time and you'll get off course quickly

Assistance with Focus
Stop letting limitations rule your progress and learn how to utilize the dopamine

You can absolutely achieve the success you desire!

Get the Goals Course

Best Offer of the YEAR!

For a very limited time, you can get the exact process you need to achieve all your goals with the Team Member's (Individual) Goals Course. Includes: 

  • recently updated, short, concise videos (almost 2 full hours!)
  • 40-page workbook that can be used alone or with videos
  • step-by-step instruction
  • space to write answers
  • special brain-based step for greater success 
  • extra streamlined-process worksheets for printing/copying
  • AND a copy of the entire workbook in digital fill-in-the blank format


Team Member's (Individual) Goals Course



Team Member's (Individual) Goals

Video Course

with print and digital workbook, videos,
and streamlined process worksheets
YES! Give me the $47 special

Frequently asked questions


Q: Why this Goals course?

It is only the top 8% that actually reach their goals, and it takes a system like this to get within that 8%. It was through a lot of research, experimenting, and psychological data that we determined what were the most important pieces of the goals process and how to efficiently create a system that would get you the results you desire. By utilizing all the steps and our special brain based approach, you can actually get to within the top 1%.

Q: 40 page workbook, are you kidding me, how could I possibly get through all that quickly?!

A: You can totally do this! The process moves along very quickly and, excluding a couple of steps, can be completed in 2-3 hours start to finish. We do encourage you to not rush the process, allow yourself the breaks it suggests, and follow every step or you will risk staying in the spiral of unsuccessfulness. 

Q: What all is in the workbook?

It includes the goal discovery process, as well as the goal execution process. If you're struggling with getting clear on exactly what your goal should be, start with the Goal Primer. If you are clear on your goal, skip to the Goal Process and work on the successful execution elements. It also includes examples and the streamlined process worksheets.

Q: What are these extra worksheets?

The worksheets at the back are the entire process in an easy to print/copy format, without the in-depth instructions. Once you have gone through the process, you can simply use these worksheets each time you want to strive for another goal. 

Team Member's (Individual) Goals

Video Course

with print and digital workbook, videos,
and streamlined process worksheets
YES! Give me the $47 special

Here's to Your 2023!