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You know you need leadership training and a support system to help you navigate through leadership challenges.


But you're like most leaders doing the DIY, in-the-trenches, hands-on, learn-as-you-go leadership training; nothing formal.


And maybe there was a seminar or conference along the way, but it was kind of a one-and-done type of opportunity, so...

  • no follow-up

  • no encouragement

  • no-one to provide feedback or direction

  • and ultimately, no real-life application 



Every day, you're learning on your feet, and you're constantly encountering leadership issues in those you oversee...


But you have no idea where to start trying to train them up in leadership...


Let alone get yourself the guidance and training you need...


Or what is needed to get everyone up to speed...


Or what to use for onboarding new individuals.


It is overwhelming,


and confusing.



And you want to lead successfully...


You are smart, you didn't get here by being average, you have awesome skills, and the ability to lead like a champion...


But you don’t feel like you have the time, energy, budget, or brain capacity to learn even more...


When so many other things require your attention.


Plus, it is just plain difficult to be the leader

and show the way


When you’re feeling alone, ill-equipped, judged, and stuck.


You have no time to deal with any of it, yet it has to be addressed or...


it will continue to bring down your productivity

and bring down your revenue.

Take a moment to ask yourself,


"How much more time and income am I willing to lose?"


...Not only for yourself, but for the company...


Before you will take action to correct the situation.


Because as ugly as it is to say or admit,



You may not have had the formal training, BUT

you have immeasurable potential

to step up, be a powerful leader, and

use your influence to impact the performance, productivity, and profit!

Imagine when... 


You've got the training you needed

✅ You have a place to receive proven feedback and advice

✅ You have expert mentors encouraging and mentoring you

✅You've gotten started training your team

✅ You are economically training EVERYONE on your team 

✅ You are facing the biggest, hardest challenges with confidence 

✅ You've streamlined processes to save time

✅ You've saved the company money




✅ You didn't lose precious work hours for training 

✅ You didn't give up your weekends or time-off to get it

✅ You didn't break the budget, yours or the company's, for it 


Wouldn't that take a load off your shoulders?

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was created for YOU

to relieve you of the leadership struggle

Current is a Leader's Community available on a month-to-month basis providing concise leadership training materials specifically created for leaders with limited time and budget, along with professional support, and connection with like-minded individuals.


We are Paul and Jen Grau, John Maxwell certified coaches, trainers, and speakers.


Paul retired after 26 years in the military, taught at the enlisted leadership academy, and is a full adjunct professor for Webster University.


Jen spent the last 10 years in church ministry, at one time leading a team of over 130 people, and is also a certified Master NeuroCoachTM.


After working with leaders from small two person businesses to multi-million dollar corporations...


Listening to our client's desperation mixed with needs, wants, and greatest desires for their team...


We became obsessed with getting affordable, high quality training materials...


That are applicable, focused on leadership growth, and can be used by everyone from the aspiring entry level leader to the midlevel leader...


Into the hands of those who need it.


The problem was...


We couldn't find an already done for you program...


Focused on what moves the leadership needle most successfully...


A combination of leadership principles, concepts, and characteristics WITH the critical psychological aspects of behavior, personality, and self-awareness...


That was just plug and play.


So we created one.


Taking feedback from all our clients, other coaches, and consultants...


We narrowed our focus to creating a streamlined method for learning, applying, and coaching others...


Through specific areas essential to helping leaders like you...


Get the support needed so you're no longer struggling to figure out...


How to manage your responsibilities, plus be the leader other’s need, while creating a cohesive, high-performing team...


Regardless of where you are in the team building process.

Within the training we cover the S.U.P.E.R. Method. It helps you learn...


✔️ How to create and build up a team that can go the distance in a time of constant disruption

✔️ What's been holding you back this entire time.

✔️ What to do about it, if you want your organization to thrive like never before. 

✔️ Advanced strategies to achieve massive personal growth for yourself and team members. 

✔️ How to handle it when things start going really, really, unbelievably well. 

✔️ So much more!


All while you belong to a community of like-minded individuals...

desiring to have a positive influence on their work, life, and community...

and networking and growing in a safe environment where everyone wants to see you succeed.


Plus, when you add on 


Next Level CURRENT group coaching...


You will take your leadership to the next level as you:


✔️ Receive coaching in a group environment to directly influence your personal strategy for leadership

✔️ Observe others receiving coaching and have the opportunity to incorporate what you learn from others experiences into your own personal growth.

✔️ Go through a specific learning itinerary that complements the membership courses and helps you begin to make massive change at an accelerated rate.

I'm ready - where do I join?

What to expect

from training

Your CURRENT Leadership Training Focuses on Three Vital Areas You Must Master to Get the Most Out of Your Team

Know Yourself

Gain the deepest understanding of who you are, and how your beliefs, skills, strengths, values, and so much more influence and impact those around you, so that you can lead successfully. 

Know Your Team

Genuinely discover the strengths, skills, and desires for success that each of your teammates holds to gain the greatest understanding of who they are, the role they fulfill in your organization, and how to effectively lead them.

Know Your Tools

Accelerate your effectiveness as a leader by getting knowledge and support based around skills that will serve you well and for situations that you will undoubtedly encounter.


Within these areas, the training builds around the S.U.P.E.R. Method:

S - Self-Awareness (Internal and External)

U - United

P - Persevering

E - Empowered

R - Resourceful

Collectively, these five components working together result in:

  • higher productivity

  • team cohesiveness

  • greater return on people investment

  • increased profits

  • happier clients/customers

  • improved confidence

  • and so much more

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What to expect 

each month

Here's How it Works

- A mini training course based on core leadership characteristics and/or concepts is released for you to view at your own leisure

- This is followed by a short video called "Another Look" that gives you focused training on a specific learning element of the initial course to assist with application

- You then have an opportunity to attend a live training session to further deepen your knowledge and help with application

- This is followed by an additional "How To" video that helps put the knowledge and information you're gaining into practice immediately

- Finally, you have the opportunity to attend another live session to get your questions answered and have a "hot seat" session to address issues directly affecting your leadership.

This scenario happens twice a month in that same order.

Plus . . .

All live sessions are recorded for you to replay.

You keep access to all courses, videos, and replays for as long as you are a member of CURRENT.

Occasionally, we are able to offer a bonus live call during the month for answering questions and having individual "hot seats."

When you become a member, you will receive a calendar that shows mini-course release dates, as well as call dates and times.

You also have access to a private Facebook Group where you can network with other leaders, ask questions, receive support and encouragement, and grow through others experiences.

Everything is designed to help you receive the training you need to improve your leadership skills in extremely affordable, bite-size chunks that you can complete in less than two hours a month, not counting live sessions, and apply in your work environment immediately.

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