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Are You Betting on Yourself?

How does your future look? Are you betting on yourself? Are you taking control of your future or are you letting others control it?

In March of this year, Aaron Judge, the New York Yankee’s outfielder, faced a weighty decision about his future. He was entering the final year of his contract with the Yankees, and the team offered him a 7-year extension worth $213.5 million (that’s about $30M a year), or a 60% pay raise from his current salary. Judge turned it down and took a big risk; he bet on himself, he bet on his skills and abilities, and he bet on his confidence that he would have a great year and get an even bigger offer at the end of the season.

Well, for Judge, it worked out as planned. He had a tremendous year and is set up to possibly be the highest-paid professional baseball player.

This whole situation made me think about if I am betting on myself and my future. Would I sign a contract that would give me a 60% increase in my income or would I pass it up and...

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