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Leadership Vision – Chicken, Egg and Goals

Hello Leaders! Well, I just finished up a weeks worth of podcasts where I talked about vision. Vision is so important for everyone, especially leaders. Vision helps you get clarity, find your purpose, achieve your goals, and get more focused on your daily tasks, … and to push you to achieve things you may have only dreamt about.
This is a quick summary of what I talked about in episode #295 of Run To Your Leadership Challenges, and I hope it makes you think a little differently about how closely connected your dreams, goals and vision are.
So have you ever heard the phrase “What comes first, the chicken or the egg?”… Well, I want to explain how Goals and Vision (and dreams) can ask a similar question.
How would you answer the question: What comes first, the goals (and dreams) or the vision?
Many people would automatically say the vision comes before the goals, and I would agree with them; however,
  • What if you don’t have a clear...
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