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I serve people. I spent 26 years in the U.S. Air Force because I loved serving my country. I served as long as they allowed me to! When I "retired" from the military I worked at the Dept of Veteran Affairs, because I wanted to keep serving; especially those whom had given more of themselves than many people will ever know or understand. I had a few decades of leadership skills and experience I could really utilize, and I figured the VA could use them (We will save that conversation for another day).


One day at the VA, while sitting in a briefing about leadership, I watched my fellow attendee’s eyes glaze over as they strained to understand how they were to use leadership to improve the customer experience with the Veterans they served.


I realized at that moment not one of these leaders wanted to face the challenges that customer experience created because it was constantly changing; everyone had different personalities to deal with; every department met different needs; every employee had different issues; and on and on.


Oh, and did I mention, the individuals sitting next to me in the briefing room did not have the title of "leader"—they were managers, administrative assistants, IT specialists, and clerks, etc., yet they were all supervising people... filling roles they were simply not empowered to do… and worst of all, they were not being trained properly to lead their people. The teacher/trainer inside of me was screaming, and I needed to act!


During that briefing, I tried to interject now and again, without hijacking the entire briefing, however, as each minute ticked by, I knew I could truly serve my fellow Americans with my extensive experience in two primary areas: leadership and customer experience! I love to simplify the concepts to motivate individuals and to get behind their leaders; I love helping people step into leadership roles with confidence; I love to coach leaders to inspire their associates in order to create the most amazing customer experience, and, most importantly, I love helping leaders face their challenges head-on! That’s my sweet spot; that's what I love to do!


Fast forward four years to today, and simply put, I get to do what I love… I encourage leaders every day to “Run To Their Challenges!” ... and I want to help You!

More About


I Speak! Let me clarify that by saying I’m a Keynote Speaker. I’ve always loved sharing information through stories, and with nearly 40 years of leadership experience, I have lots of great stories to share that will help you and your company establish a leadership team that is stellar. If you are looking for dry, regurgitated information from a book, I am not your guy! … However, if you want an entertaining, interactive, engaging speaker, with a significant amount of information you can apply and use to equip & empower your people, give me a call!

Let me help you "Run To Your Challenges!"

I Train! Interactive training is FUN... well, at least mine is, and I especially like having fun while dealing with the not-so-fun topics. When you’re in my training, you won’t be just sitting there taking notes, expecting to be silent the entire time, or begging for another caffeine-laced beverage. My desire is always the same; I want you to walk away applying what you’ve learned throughout my training, and for me to learn something new, too—that requires you to speak up & engage throughout the learning experience! So, don’t say I didn’t warn you… come prepared to share your experiences and enjoy the training!

I Teach! I can’t help it. (I get to exercise this a bit through Webster University, where I’m an Adjunct Associate Professor, but that’s not enough!) I am passionate about Leadership, I see leadership E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E., and I find valuable lessons in every situation—especially the ones that challenge beyond standard comprehension. When someone starts talking to me about leadership problems they’re having, or an issue they see at work, or just something they are stressing over, that teacher in me just comes out and I go into “Coach Mode.” People know it’s my weakness and they get A LOT of free coaching out of me—I know what they’re doing, I just can’t help myself... I love to serve them!


Leadership can be a difficult path, and I speak the truth even when it stings a little. Whenever I see an opportunity where I can make a leader better, I won’t hold back. Many of my students and clients say it’s my no-nonsense approach that helps them be the absolute best leader they can be, and they keep coming back for more—That's the true hidden secret of leadership; it's a continuous process and you can always improve!

Even More About    

I love sports and outdoors. I drive my wife nuts wanting us to GO do this and that in the great outdoors. Probably a good thing we moved from MT and CO, where we were never at home—that got kind of expensive. It helps that we now have a little property in AR where I can put up a tree stand, hang a basketball goal, have some grass to kick around a soccer ball or play bocce ball with my 'littles' that aren't so little anymore, and some trees where I can run on a trail. Not to mention how much our five kids love the space (tire swing was a good selling point, too... and it earned me 'dad of the year' points!).


The Air Force took our family around the world, literally, and we loved it. You can’t beat scuba diving in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Okinawa, or fly fishing in a river a hundred feet from a passing buffalo in Yellowstone. We've had some great adventures, and my wife really does love to travel; she gets that itch to take off as much as I do!



BS Human Resources & Organizational Management

Masters of Business Administration (Leadership)

Masters of Arts in Religion (Pastoral Counseling)

John Maxwell Certified Coach, Speaker, Trainer

John Maxwell Certified DISC Behavioral Consultant

Adjunct Associate Professor (Webster University; Graduate School)

48 Days Certified Coach

48 Days Certified DISC Instructor






Let me begin by saying I'm not your typical speaker, coach, or trainer... what makes me unique is I focus on serving you and your people, over asking. You and your team's success will always be my primary focus, specifically, how I can serve you best.


If you need a speaker, I will make your life easy... I will arrive early and leave late. I will focus on not only speaking, but getting to know you and your team, so I can make my speech as relevant as possible for you and your overall success. I don't use "canned," "off-the-shelf" speeches--my speeches are from the heart, and will allow you and your team to come away inspired, motivated, and ready to take action. 

If you need a coach, and you’re wondering if I am the coach for you. Let me help by explaining who I work with. Although I coach a variety of leaders, you must be self-motivated and committed to the coaching process. I’m not talking somewhat committed…I’m talking fully committedALL IN! I will not work with people who simply want to show up and learn the process--you’re wasting your money and my time! I demand action so you will make progress—I am fully committed to you and I will do everything I can to uncover and bring out your absolute best! If this sounds like something your interested in, I’d love to connect with you.

If you need a trainer, I will train you and/or your team with a variety of fun interactive exercises and activities that will bring even the most boring topics to life! If you want the traditional "death-by-PowerPoint," look elsewhere because that's not what I'll bring to your office! I expect trainees who are excited about learning... yep, that's right, I said "excited about learning!" If you've never been excited about training, you haven't had the right trainers... give me a call and we can talk about some options.

Can't wait to hear from you!

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