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Lead a High Performing Team

Transform your team to greatly increase 

performance, productivity, and profits.

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Business is about making an impact

If your team is losing money, it steals from your influence
If team members are wasting time, it reduces the positive gains of your organization
If you are failing to keep great talent, it is disastrous to your image
Lead a team that makes a positive impact for your organization or business.

Transform the assembled group of individuals working for you into a cohesive, high performing, profit-building TEAM.

Save Time

The average company loses at least 25% of time to organizational friction or at least 2.8 hours per week = 1 full day per month.

Save Money

A business with only 10 employees can lose at least $500 per week due to employee conflict, and at least an additional $200 more for managers to handle the conflict.

Save Talent

Companies with an unhealthy work environment have on average a 48.4 percent employee turnover rate.

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We care about your people, the greatest asset of your organization


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Without the "Keys of Leadership" Your Team will Always Struggle

Know Yourself

Gain the deepest understanding of who you are, and how your beliefs, skills, strengths, values, and so much more influence and impact those around you, so that you can lead successfully. 


Know Your Team

Genuinely discover the strengths, skills, and desires for success that each of your teammates holds to gain the greatest understanding of who they are, the role they fulfill in your organization, and how to effectively lead them.

Know Your Tools

Accelerate your effectiveness as a leader by getting knowledge and support based around skills that will serve you well and for situations that you will undoubtedly encounter.



Dysfunction in and among employees is the number one killer of productivity and profits. With our strategic training, employee groups transform into cohesive, high-performing, profit-building teams.

Yes! Let's do this!

Start with...


Learn how to access and maximize each individual's unique behavior and personality traits 

Start with an extremely in-depth assessment of each individual on your team, including yourself, to uncover their unique characteristics and behaviors, analyze how each one positively impacts the team, how they can communicate more effectively, and where they can grow. Find their strengths and assess if they are in the best role for them, need one more challenging, or should shift to one more in alignment with their natural gifting.

Pick up the FREE #1 Hiring Question guide with video to learn what question will give you more insight into who you're hiring, or even working with now, and what positions are the best fit for them. 

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Then Establish...


Providing you and your team with the process it needs to EXCEED goals.

Provide yourself and your team with the tools to gain greater focus, productivity, and progress to reach and surpass your goals. From the Worksheet to the Workbook and Workshop for individuals to the Team Goals Intensive, an entirely interactive process with the entire team that walks through how to establish goals, select targets, create a plan, implement the plan from a brain-based approach, and achieve those goals, you and your team are equipped for greater success.  

FREE Goals Worksheet More Info

And Create...

Create Your S.U.P.E.R. Team

The best Method for bringing a group of individuals together to create a cohesive, high-performing, profit-building team.

Take your team through our Method and you will see instant results.

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To Maintain...

Leader Training

Providing courses, live training, Q&A, and coaching every month

We recently launched our membership community, CURRENT, and we are so excited to be able to provide video mini-courses, as well as live training, and so much more that perfectly align with those wanting leadership training but are limited on time and money. This membership allows you to go at your own pace, while providing live interactions that help you level up your leadership. The cart has closed, but click the link below to get on the waitlist and learn when we will be opening up the membership to new members.

Take our Leaders Quiz to learn where you are in the Positive Growth Stages of Leadership and what you can do to accelerate your leadership growth.

Leaders Quiz CURRENT Info

Paul and Jennifer Grau

Meet the Super Duo that has been called to equip leaders with the knowledge and support to positively transform themselves and their teams. 

Drawing from decades of experience working with, coaching, consulting, and leading teams small and large, they utilize their combined knowledge and training to help individuals who were recently placed in leadership positions, those who aspire to be in leadership positions, and those in leadership positions encountering challenging situations to navigate and successfully lead from their unique skills and strengths.

Level-up Your Leadership

Everything has been leading to this moment. This is your opportunity to increase your capacity to serve others as a leader, change the trajectory of your life by leading from your self-awareness, intelligence, and gifting, and help others find success through your leadership and being your best self.


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